TestIowa Hours/Days in Carroll & Denison

To receive a COVID-19 test, free of charge, you may utilize the convenience of Test Iowa.

posted on 11/1/2020 in Press Releases

TestIowaCOVID-19 testing at the TestIowa site at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll are from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, Monday through Thursday and possibly Fridays as needed. The hours of operation have been shown to better accommodate after-school or after-work hours. 

TestIowa site at the St. Anthony Clinic in Denison are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday by appointment.

To be tested, first visit www.testiowa.com to complete the questionnaire and receive your QR code and/or authorization code. Then call (712) 794-5835 to make your appointment and receive instructions about the test location, parking, and important safety instructions.

You may also call this phone number if you need assistance with the online questionnaire.

Covid-19 test results can be expected in three to five days. People who test positive will be notified by phone and by email. People who test negative will be notified by email. Until test results are received, isolation is highly recommended especially if people are symptomatic.


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