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Denison Family Welcomes Second Child at St. Anthony
Wednesday, 05 APRIL 2017

Nick and Emily Fink of Denison have built their lives in west central Iowa – Nick, a Driver for MoelleNick and Emily Fink of Denison r Trucking, and Emily, Cosmetologist at Simply Chic Salon and Boutique. On February 2, they welcomed their new son, Jaxon, to the family. He joined his older brother Raymond, who is three. Both came into the world at St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

Long before they were expecting their first child, the Finks chose St. Anthony and OB/GYN Nelson Lo, M.D.


"I felt comfortable with Dr. Lo," Emily said. "He was able to help me through a previous ectopic pregnancy. I found security knowing that he understood my health history and was confident in his ability to navigate through additional pregnancies. I initially chose Dr. Lo on a recommendation from my mom and grandma. I'm glad I followed their advice."


"It's a special opportunity to get to know families over the years," said Dr. Lo. "I am better able to help them through their pregnancy when I know their health history. For new mothers it's also about trust and confidence, and it is my responsibility to provide that for each patient."


Emily adds that throughout her stay at The Birth Place, medical staff were attentive and available "in a flash."


"Dr. Lo and the anesthesia staff answered all of my questions about my planned cesarean section which was very comforting. The nurses were very caring and so accommodating! They offered more assistance than I could have imagined," Emily said. "Everyone was on hand to make sure the birth process went smoothly. Afterwards, the lactation specialists were persistent in helping me with breast feeding, which could have been difficult after a cesarean, but they made it so much easier."


Emily shares the entire process was overwhelmingly positive.


"A favorite part about my room was the huge bathroom and how incredibly convenient the walk in shower was for me after my C-section," Emily said. "The view from my room was gorgeous overlooking the south side of Carroll and beyond. Ray [Raymond] enjoyed watching the helicopters land and take off."


"I was offered blankets, a pull out bed, and several meal options during Emily's stay," Nick said. "The nurses even brought in extra chairs for visitors."


The Finks also utilize St. Anthony Clinic for Jaxon's health care needs through Pediatrician Susan Teggatz, M.D.


"Dr. Teggatz is passionate about her work and helping children," Emily said. "It is evident with her rapport and the amount of time she sets aside for each child. We couldn't ask for better one-on-one care from a pediatrician."


"Children are their most vulnerable in the first few months of their lives," Dr. Teggatz said. "It's important to pay close attention to their development and ensure they get started on the right foot. Catching any issues early on can make all the difference."


While in the hospital, Jaxon received a red knitted hat as part of St. Anthony's Little Hats, Big Hearts program to raise awareness of heart disease and congenital heart defects.


"The handmade afghan made by St. Anthony volunteers and the little red cap were wonderful going home gifts," Emily said. "They are reminders of the outstanding, care our family received while celebrating the birth of our second son."


A month after Jaxon's birth, Emily said, "Ray loves snuggling with Jaxon. He's adjusting pretty well. The first two weeks were a bit of a sweet struggle though! He wanted to love him up all the time."

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