We recognize the following individuals for informing us they intend to support St. Anthony through a planned gift or estate provision.

Jim Auen Jim & Fran Pedelty
Terry Axman Elaine J. Pudenz*
Dr. Arthur & Rose Behrens Gary & Norma Riedmann
Mary Jane Berger Rod & Trish Roberts
Dr. Richard & Mary Jane Collison Peg Scheidt
Fred & Claudia Dolezal Ray* & Rita Schettler
Dr. Karl & Karyl Eischeid Andrew Schmitz
Randy G. Eischeid Helen Schmitz*
Charles Escher* Louis Schmitz*
Paul* & Maxine* Ewing Fr. Timothy R. Schott
Judy Feld Wayne & Shirley Seaman
Eve Fisher* Patti J. Simons
Carol A. Gronstal Cathleen Simpson
Tom & Joan Gronstal Ed & Vicki Smith
Urban & Jean Knobbe Kenny & Nancy Snyder
Vincent* & Alvina Leiting Rollin* & Verna Tiefenthaler
Mary Lex* Kenneth* & Wilma* Tranter
Dr. Frank* & Ruth McCabe Paul & Rita Ann Venner
Gary & Sheryl McMinimee Ralph N. Vonnahme
Chuck* & Patty* Mounce Audrey Weitl
Mary Ann Naberhaus John C. Werden
Mary Nehls Jim & Peggy White
Art* & Naomi Neu  









We wish to thank the many individuals who have included St. Anthony in their Will or estate plan. We are unaware of these arrangements unless you let us know. It is always a blessing to be honored with your confidence and trust.