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 Welcome, Dr. Danielle Coffey & Dr. Delaney Osborn!

It's an exciting time in the St. Anthony Clinic as we welcome two additional family practice physicians with obstetrics -  Dr. Danielle Coffey, D.O. and Dr. Delaney Osborn, M.D.!Coffey

Dr. Coffey (right) is a native of Texas and moved to Carroll with her husband, Xavier. Dr. Coffey began seeing patients in mid-September.  

OsbornDr. Osborn (left) is a native of Delaware and is getting settled into her home in Carroll. She is eager to begin seeing patients next week.

Both doctors are passionate about rural healthcare and caring for patients of all ages! 

 Jessica Borkowski, ARNP

JessJessica Borkowski has achieved her certification as an advanced registered nurse practitioner, ARNP.  Jessica will see patients at the St. Anthony Clinic in Wall Lake and eventually in the Breda on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Thursdays, Jessica will be seeing patients in Carroll. 

Jessica recently earned her ARNP from Chamberlin University. She has had a diverse background in her nursing career at St. Anthony which began in 2007.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Department SpotlightLaboratory

Full-time:17    Part-time:2   Relief: 1

Here's what the Lab Team has to say: 

The lab here performs roughly 490,000 tests annually. Since June 3, 2020, the lab has performed 7,128 tests for Covid-19.

Everything the Laboratory Department does is to help promote the best patient care St. Anthony can offer. The information provided to physicians by the laboratory aids in diagnosis, treatment plans, and prevention of disease.

The Laboratory Department is made up of a collection of individual departments within:

Hematology/Urinalysis: Hematology is the study of blood and blood disorders. The Hematology Department is able to test blood and urine samples to help diagnose and/or treat conditions such as anemia, infection, blood-clotting disorders and leukemia.

Chemistry: The Chemistry Department performs a wide variety of tests useful in diagnosis of a number of human diseases. Some common tests performed in this department are glucose (blood sugar), cholesterol, thyroid hormones, prostate specific antigen (PSA), cardiac enzymes useful in the determination of heart tissue damage, electrolytes such as potassium and sodium, and vitamin B12.

Microbiology/Virology: In this area of the lab we study microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses. Any bodily fluid or tissue can be cultured to diagnose infectious disease. Once a particular bacteria is identified, the lab tests that bacteria against a number of antibiotics so the patient is given the proper medication to eliminate the infection. Other tests performed in this area are tests for viruses such as the SARS Covid 19 virus, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), and Influenza A & B.

Blood Bank: This department provides support for patients in need of blood product transfusion. The blood bank responsible for the determination of patient blood type and extensive testing to ensure blood products are appropriate and safe to be transfused to patients. The blood bank provides support for transfusion of red blood cells, platelets and frozen plasma.

Phlebotomy: Phlebotomy is commonly referred to as a “blood draw”. This area of the lab is vital to nearly everything we do. Samples must be collected safely and properly to ensure accurate test results. The phlebotomy team is also responsible for performing Electrocardiograms (EKG) and urine drug screen collections for Department of Transportation and pre-employment purposes.

Serology: Serology tests are performed to detect the body’s immune response to foreign material such as viruses. Common tests in this area are HIV and Mononucleosis.

Surgical Pathology/Cytology: In this department, human tissue is examined for structural and functional changes which can cause or be caused by disease states.

Biggest Challenge: At this time, the biggest challenges facing laboratories nationwide are staff shortage and supply shortages.

Fun fact: According to a number of sources including the CDC, approximately 70% of medical decisions relative to diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care are made utilizing laboratory test results.


Missing from the photos:  Brian Mims, Linda Irlbeck, Aspen Stone, Cheryl Kocour

Keep up the great work, Lab Team!

A New Program at St. Anthony: Chronic Care CoordinationCCC

Chronic Care Coordination (CCC) is a care management service at St. Anthony that provides continuous support for patients with two or more chronic conditions. A physician and qualified care team spend time managing the patient’s condition. This includes a comprehensive plan of care, medication management, education, the establishment of planned end-of-life care and coordination of care between providers. CCC provides a team-based, integrated approach to health management and addresses many factors that affect health outcomes.

Barb Toohey, RN and Amy Wiskus, RN spearheaded the development of the program along with physicians, Lindsey Pogge, D.O. and Jillianne Murray, D.O.

"This new service will follow and support patients, as needed, to ensure they remain appropriately engaged in their care and adhere to their recommended care,” said Barb Toohey.

To read the full story, click here


Meet your new co-workers who joined us this past month. 

  • Melissa Caraher - ICU
  • Elizabeth Chesley - Admissions
  • Joel Cholico - MSP
  • Danielle Coffey - Carroll Clinic
  • Patrick Feilmeier - ER
  • Tasha Hinners - ER
  • Joanne Hoffmann - Nursing Home
  • Misty Kleinmeyer - Anesthesia
  • Mandy Nees - Financial Accounting
  • Ruth Parker - Nursing Home
  • Kendra Peter - Nursing Home
  • Madison Rial - H.O.P.E.S.
  • Lori Stork - Admissions

Construction Update

The demolition stage of the dialysis renovation continues.

It might not look like much, but the demo process is a huge step forward! 


Health Observances

Does your department have a national recognition day/week/month coming up? Please send us your photos and information and we'll share it here! Thank you. 

Let us share your stories! Tell us!

 Our condolences for your loss this past monthCondolences

  • Chad Martin, Maintenance, for the loss of his father-in-law and mother-in-law.
  • Lisa Hausman, MSP, for the loss of her mother-in-law.
  • Angela Downey (NH) for the loss of her brother-in-law.
  • Sheila Dentlinger (Rehab) for the loss of her mother-in-law.

CareersLet's add to our team and refer our friends to job listings.

St. Anthony is one of the largest employers in the Carroll area with more than 700 skilled and dedicated staff. YOU can help add to our team by forwarding the careers link to others who may be a good fit. Thank you!

View Job Openings

Happy Birthday

Best wishes to our co-workers who celebrate their special day this month. Click here for the full list. 

Macy Ludwig Receives National Award!


The Birth Place's Newly Certified Lactation Specialists

Morgan Axman and Brooke Bass of The Birth Place have received their certification as Lactation Specialists.

MorganAs certified lactationBrooke specialists, Morgan and Brooke educate and support breastfeeding families. Along with individualized visits, The Birth Place lactation team coordinates an Infant Feeding Group on Tuesday mornings that assist with pumping, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding mothers. 

Way to go, Morgan and Brooke!

St. Anthony Foundation News: Employee Campaign

Giving CampaignAll employees are invited to join in supporting an exciting project for the annual campaign this year! Our goal is to purchase 10 Halo Bassinests for the St. Anthony Birth Place. As you are aware, the Birth Place is currently undergoing a complete remodel to bring the best of technology to expectant parents in a calming, comfortable and modern unit. You will see in this video link, the Halo Bassinests are designed for safety of the baby and comfort for the mom.

St. Anthony employees can make a donation through payroll deduction, vacation hours, cash, check, online donation with a credit or debit card or Venmo. Any amount will help us reach our goal.

Make an online donation here. 

Venmo @StAnthony-Foundation. Last 4 digits to verify the number are 8660.

If you have questions, please contact Trish Roberts at troberts@stanthonyhospital.org or call her at (712) 794-5223.

Did You KnowSt. Anthony is forming a new committee: Patient & Family Advisory Committee (PFAC)

The Patient & Family Advisory Committee (PFAC) will develop and facilitate plans to improve safety and experiences for future patients at St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Visit the webpage here.


Check us out at: 

In addition, HealthView is published quarterly with various educational and informational topics. 

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