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Nurses, Hospital and Nursing Home Week

Staff Recognition Welcome to our New Co-Workers
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 Get Ready to Celebrate Nurses, Hospital, and Nursing Home Week! 

The Hospital Week Committee has spent significant time preparing a fun week starting May 8! Check the carousel monitors and email for daily updates and more information. 

St. Anthony Shelves of Grace

The first Shelves of Grace donation drive will be held during Hospital Week next week! Donation tables will be set up in the Atrium all week long.

The St. Anthony mission Shelves of Graceincludes that we are “responsive to the needs of our patients and the region.” With this, a committee was formed to initiate a new program called St. Anthony Shelves of Grace. This program is dedicated to improving the needs of the families we serve in the St. Anthony Hospital and Clinics. This is a hospital/clinic-based program that will collect and safely store food and household products, grocery and ride vouchers and some items for baby and infant needs.

Shelf stable items needed include: rice, pasta, sauce, canned tuna & chicken, soup, canned vegetables & fruit, cereal, Ensure, juices, Jell-O

Household Items: dish soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, toothpaste, body soap, lotion *free and clear detergents and soaps preferred. 

Baby Items: wipes, diapers, onesies, blankets, bibs

Cash is also accepted.

Shelves of Grace is a hospital-based program dedicated to improving the lives of the families we serve by assisting with nutritional gaps, hygiene product needs and transportation challenges.

Department SpotlightSt. Anthony Clinic - Carroll: Part 3, Pod 3

Over the next several months, we will be spotlighting the St. Anthony Clinics! This month, we are featuring Pod 3 in the St. Anthony Clinic in Carroll.

Pictured is Pod 3, from front to back: Dr. Charles Svensson, Chelsey Kremer, Dr. Delaney Osborn, Ashley Brincks and Jill Spies.Pod 3

We are proud of our ability to work together effectively to ensure the best care for our patients whether that is nursing staff or providers. For example, our nursing staff has floated between the providers on multiple occasions to ensure timely care as well as providers assisting each other with regard to patient care! #TeamWork

Something your team does that no one realizes?
Between Dr. Osborn and Dr. Svensson, we see patients from pre-conception/infertility all the way up until the end of life. Our staff works together to prep the necessary information needed prior to patient's arrival to make sure the appointment is timely and efficient. 

What is a challenge your team faces?
Within the practice of women's health, the pharmaceutical changes in regard to birth control management such as IUDs and subdermal implants are always changing. Our staff works to provide the most up-to-date information by learning the various forms of medication and the time frame they are effective. 

Fun Facts!

  • Chelsey traveled to London and Paris in college while on a choir tour.
  • Dr. Osborn might be new to the Carroll area but her father is originally from Iowa.
  • Dr. Svensson has over 1,000 old vintage golf clubs.
  • Ashley has worked as an OB/GYN nurse for the past 16 years and has helped deliver one baby at home.
  • Jill just graduated from Mercy College as a medical assistant. She's completed her clinical in the clinics and is excited to join the team full-time!

Stay tuned as we feature Pod 4 next month!


Meet your new co-workers who joined us this past month. 

  • Camryn Andersen – Nursing Home
  • Robin Dailey – Patient Registration
  • Julie Daniel – Patient Registration
  • Noah Feilmeier – Food & Nutrition
  • Shirley Fischer – Perioperative Services
  • Victoria Johnson – BMU
  • Marilyn Kruger – Nursing Home
  • Achai Kual – Environmental Services
  • Molly Riedell – Radiation Oncology
  • Francine Roe – Nursing Home
  • Katie Schuler – Nursing Home

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Employee Referral Program

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Health Observances

Does your department have a national recognition day/week/month coming up? Please send us your photos and information and we'll share it here! Thank you. 

Let us share your stories! Tell us!

 Our condolences for your loss this past monthCondolences

  • Rylie Riesberg, Home Health, for the loss of her grandfather
  • Leah Hahn, Rehab Services, for the loss of her grandfather-in-law
  • Allison Streufert, Administration, for the loss of her aunt

CareersLet's add to our team and refer our friends to job listings.

St. Anthony is one of the largest employers in the Carroll area with more than 700 skilled and dedicated staff. YOU can help add to our team by forwarding the careers link to others who may be a good fit. Thank you!

View Job Openings

Happy Birthday

Best wishes to our co-workers who celebrate their special day this month. Click here for the full list. 

Luanne Kustra Celebrates 20 Years of Service with the Iowa Chapter of The Alzheimer's Association!

Sara Gonnerman was honored with the Emergency Nursing Leadership Award given by Iowa Emergency Nurses Association (ENA)!

StAR: St. Anthony Recognition ProgramStAR

The St. Anthony Recognition (StAR) program celebrates employees, healthcare providers, volunteers and health-related programs for their commitment to you! 

The following was submitted by a patient: "I want to extend my gratitude to all the caring, competent, and committed staff at St. Anthony this weekend. From the clinic staff that transported me to the ER and Eva the ER nurse who put up with me, Dr. Abraham and Dr. Murray who treated him like an old friend even though we had never met. The staff on the 3rd floor over the weekend were wonderful and caring and went above and beyond to help me surprise my wife on our Anniversary. Thank you Dr. Murray for taking care of all the details. Everyone was so nice and caring I felt safe and respected. Definitely recommend this facility, the providers and staff. Thank you."


 Last week on Administrative Professionals' Day, we got to celebrate and treat the wonderful Admins of St. Anthony! THANK YOU for keeping St. Anthony running smoothly. We couldn't do it without you!

From left: Michelle Hoffman, Amy Osborne, Allison Streufert, Renee Grimsman and Paula Lambertz. Missing: Cindy Janning

Did You KnowQuiet Time on MSP

Since the ICU went over so well, MSP has now implemented “Quiet Time” to increase the patient experience during their hospitalization. Providing a quiet and interruption-free period facilitates sleep quality and continuity, which in turn enhances patient recovery and healing.

To support rest and sleep staff will dim lights, turn the volume on TV down, offer Cares Channel, offer eye masks and ear plugs, coordinate care to reduce unnecessary entry into rooms, prep rook ahead of time (remove dirty trays, check IV pumps, toilet patients), time non-urgent orders outside of 1-3 pm, and limit visitation. Family and visitors will be asked to silent phones, utilize visitor lounges, limit movement within the unit, use ear buds, etc.


Check us out at: 

In addition, HealthView is published quarterly with various educational and informational topics. 

Photo of the Month

Participants of the 2nd Annual St. Anthony Mental Health 5K on Saturday, April 29. Thank you to all who ran, walked, bid, donated or participated in some way!

Mental Health Matters

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