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Walk for the Future

Department Spotlight Did you Know?  Welcome to our New Co-Workers
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Join The Birth Place and the Iowa SIDS Foundation for the 23rd Annual Walk for the Future! 

The Birth Place is hosting a Walk for the Future alongside the Iowa SIDS Foundation on August 27, 2022, at Swan Lake State Park in Carroll. Registration begins at 8 AM with the Family Walk to follow at 9 AM. 

Activities include: 

  • Memorial eventSIDS
  • Face painting from the KuemperKix
  • Bounce house sponsored by New Opportunities
  • Fire truck visit from the Ralston Fire Department
  • Raffle

How to Register:

Option 1:  Register and make payment online by clicking here.

Option 2: Complete and submit a registration form to the Iowa SIDS office.
Forms may be requested by email at, Ashleigh Wiederin

Option 3: On or after August 6th, walkers can register on-site the morning of the Walk.

Note: Pre-registration is highly encouraged! Prior to 8/6, the cost is $25 for adults and 
$10 for children. On or after 8/6, each registration does increase to $30 for adults and       
$15 for children. Pre-registrations also reserves a walk shirt in your preferred size.

***If you are interested in setting up a table for your organization/business, please contact me to arrange.***

 Ann gives a hugHappy Retirement, Ann!

Ann served as the Human Resources Director of St. Anthony for 10 years. We wish her the best and a happy retirement! Thanks for all you've done for St. Anthony, Ann. 

At left: Ann gets and gives a hug. In the background is Trish Roberts, Ann's husband, Tim, and another recent retiree, Ed Smith.

We have STAR Employees at St. Anthony!Renee

Since the beginning of the STaR program (St. Anthony Recognition) nine years ago, 678 Star Cards have been distributed to St. Anthony employees from patients or families. Entire departments have also been recognized throughout the years.

30 employees have received 5 accolades or more!

Renee Brincks (pictured) from the surgery department has received 12 cards, the most of any employee. (May we all strive to be like Renee with our patients!)

STaRHow it works: Submitted stories from patients are shared with hospital administration and the honored St. Anthony employee. The employee receives a card and a star pin to place on their badge.

STaR brochures are available throughout the hospital or in the Foundation office.

Department SpotlightInformation Technology

IT has eight employees.

Here's what the Information Technology Team has to say: 

Biggest Challenge: IT’s biggest challenge is keeping up with the speed of technology, federal mandates, supply chain shortages, and navigating the cyber threat landscape all at a cost that can be supported by the hospital.

IT is most proud of: The purpose of IT is to make everyone’s jobs safer, more efficient, and easier to do.  We spend several months or in some cases, years, on projects.  When one of those projects closes and we can see that lives are better because of what we have done, it gives us great sense of pride.   

Things we do that no one realizes: We wallpaper one of the walls in the office with the thank you notes, star cards, and Christmas cards we receive. They remind us of our department’s mission: “To provide the best technology services that the people providing direct patient care use every day to make their jobs easier, more efficient, and safer for the patient.”  If someone is taking the time to send a note, we must have done something right.

Having an IT issue and not sure what to do?  There are two options! You can call the HelpDesk at extension 5678 or submit a HelpStar to log a ticket to track the issue. There is a HelpStar icon on every desktop computer. An IT team member will respond to your request as soon as they are able but remember to have patience. Also, please don’t tap on the glass, it scares the engineers. :)

IT Staff

Pictured left to right. Front: Trav Tonsfeldt, Brady Loew, Travis Petersen
Back: Eric Sturm, Cal Tigges, Robb McKenzie, Chad Lawson, Wayne Johnson

Keep up the great work, IT!

 Kyle and Marlove Medical Technologists

Meet Kyle and Marlove! They have recently moved here from the Philippines and are working in the lab as medical technologists which they earned from a 4-year degree similar to a BSN. Kyle graduated from Velez University and Marlove graduated from the University of Perpetual Health both located in the Philippines. These two are loving Iowa and will be here for three years with hopes of staying here longer.

Outside of work they have been enjoying doing puzzles, walking down to the library, and seeing what Carroll all has to offer. If you see them around make sure to introduce yourself and say hello!

Kyle and Marlow

We are so happy to have them here at St. Anthony.

Take Advantage of the Children's Health Clinic on August 9th!

Children's Health Clinic


Meet your new co-workers who joined us this past month. 

  • Shelbylynn Baker – Specialty Clinics
  • Lindsey Bornhoft – Nursing Home
  • Kellie Brenny – Radiation Oncology
  • Victoria Chol – Environmental Services
  • Dr. Anthony Ciricillo – St. Anthony Clinics
  • Paige Davis – Garden View
  • Ashley Hutchinson – MSP
  • Kelsey Knobbe – MSP
  • McKenna Matthews – Garden View
  • Victor Ogoti – Anesthesia
  • Evan Schaefer – Food & Nutrition
  • Lilli Schwarz – Food & Nutrition
  • Heather Toft – Carroll Clinic


Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration Elect Leaders for 2022-2026

During the General Assembly of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in La Crosse, Wis., three members were elected as mission councilors, which, with the president and vice-president, constitute the FSPA leadership team.

The newly elected mission councilors are Sister Marie DesJarlais, Sister Julie Tydrich and Sister Marcia Baumert.

Sister Julie also serves on St. Anthony Ministries, and Sister Marcia serves on the St. Anthony Foundation Board. We thank them for their guidance and dedicated services here at St. Anthony.

Health Observances

Does your department have a national recognition day/week/month coming up? Please send us your photos and information and we'll share it here! Thank you. 

Let us share your stories! Tell us!

 Our condolences for your loss this past monthCondolences

  • Joan Baumhover (Food & Nutrition) for the loss of her brother-in-law.
  • Gloria Ewoldt (Nursing Home) for the loss of her sister-in-law.
  • Geri Ricke (Patient Finance) for the loss of her husband.
  • Sheryl Zimmerman (Cancer Center) for the loss of her sister.
  • Ross Hein (Financial Accounting) for the loss of his father. 

CareersLet's add to our team and refer our friends to job listings.

St. Anthony is one of the largest employers in the Carroll area with more than 700 skilled and dedicated staff. YOU can help add to our team by forwarding the careers link to others who may be a good fit. Thank you!

View Job Openings

Happy Birthday

Best wishes to our co-workers who celebrate their special day this month. Click here for the full list. 

St. Anthony Foundation News: Plan for Your Future

Estate planning and will planning are complex but Doug Olson can help! Many employees have already utilized the services of Thompson & Associates, a nationally recognized estate planning company. Thompson & Associates does not sell products or draft legal documents and it is not a fundraising activity for St. Anthony Foundation, it is a gift to employees and people of the community of Carroll and surrounding areas.

“Doug does a great job of explaining a complicated, but necessary portion of financial planning. Estate planning should be completed by everyone no matter their financial or personal situation. Thankfully St. Anthony offers this great service to employees at no cost.” –Eric & Moriah Salmonson


Through individual meetings, participants identify personal values and goals which help them avoid taxes and direct more resources to family members. Participants receive a personalized plan to be implemented by the attorney of their choice. The entire estate planning process will be completed in as few as two, or as many as eight or more planning sessions, depending on the complexity of the estate. Every situation is unique. All information shared with the Thompson & Associates representative is confidential and will not be shared with anyone at St. Anthony. St. Anthony will only know that people have utilized the planning service, but will not know any part of an estate plan at the conclusion of the planning process.

For individuals who have a current estate plan, consider this an opportunity for an objective third-party review to gain peace of mind that personal business is in order and timely. There is no cost or obligation. To schedule an introductory meeting, contact the St. Anthony Foundation at x5287 or email

Did You KnowMeeting Rooms 2 & 4 have been renamed

Meeting Room 2 is now St. Rose and is located across from the cafeteria on the second floor of the hospital.

Meeting Room 4 is now St. Bernard and is located on the third floor of the hospital. 


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In addition, HealthView is published quarterly with various educational and informational topics. 

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Doctor, I feel funny! 


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