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Occupational Therapy Month

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Did you Know?  Meet the Core Team of Expanse

Occupational Therapy at St. Anthony

OTHere at St. Anthony, we have 3 Occupational Therapists and 2 Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants who are trained to help our patients regain independence by: 

☑️ Increasing strength and endurance.

☑️ Addressing daily functional needs and adaptations.

☑️ Analyzing visual processing needs.

 ☑️ Executing in-home consults that can help to alter the home environment with adaptive equipment.

 ☑️ Training caregivers on how to support the patient's abilities and needs.

 ☑️ Offering family support.

Pictured from left: Kelli Reis, OTR; Ashley Hugeback, COTA; Chris Josko, OTR; Jaime Weitl, OTR; Kristi Pottebaum, COTA.

Occupational Therapists can not only help people who have disabilities but also those with pain, injuries, and illnesses that make it hard to follow through at school or work. Patients learn how to adapt and use tools that can help in everyday tasks so they can take care of themselves, play sports, and get daily work done.

OT is a treatment that can help with fine and gross motor skills and motor planning. The therapy focuses on specific needs and begins with an assessment and set goals.

Check out our webpage here!

Materials Management Gathered Medical Supplies to Send to Ukraine

The Materials Management team recently gathered IV solution and irrigations, needles, syringes, dressings, splints, braces, sutures, urology trays, spinal trays, blood pressure cuffs, pharmaceuticals, and minor instruments no longer utilized to sent to Ukraine as the country has a massive shortage of supplies.

Tucker Rotert (MM) and Toby Steckler (Lab) drove the supplies to Audubon County Hospital which were later transported to Red Oak, Iowa. Altogether St. Anthony and seven other western Iowa hospitals were able to send 12 pallets of supplies from Red Oak to Ukraine through a nonprofit organization Nova Ukraine.

Way to go!

Department SpotlightFood & Nutrition Department

The Food and Nutrition Department has 88 employees!

We are challenged by meeting the daily needs and expectations of our customers with a changing workforce and inconsistent supply chain. 

Our tasks are very much production-based work, from planning and forecasting to preparation and serving to disassembly and sanitation. Our staff is heavily focused on consistent processes, using quality products, and all are completed by positive staff. It’s that positivity in our Food & Nutrition coworkers that we are proud of, everyone works hard and stays positive during the very steady workflow each day.

Our diversity of customers is not always apparent. We provide food and nutrition services to Hospital Patients, Nursing Home Residents, Internal Catering, Elderbridge Homebound Meal program, Orchard View Independent Living, Garden View Assisted Living, the Café St. Anthony, Vending services and 27 complimentary coffee stations & patient kitchenettes.

Crazy fact: Our customers use over 105 miles worth of napkins each year!

Happy Anniversary to our fellow employees who celebrated milestone years of employment at St. Anthony.

Check out the Service Awards booklet for 2021 here. You'll be able to read about some of our great co-workers! 


Service Awards

 Expanse's Core Team

Expanse is going to be an improved electronic medical record system, and it can not get completed without the Core Team! 

Teamwork is KEY! To the Core Team Leaders filling leadership roles and helping make decisions, to the Core Team Members working hard on build and testing, to those back on the floor covering for them, we appreciate you more than you know! The Quality Analysts and IT Team are working diligently to make sure that the go-live of Expanse on July 12 is successful and contains improvements and efficiencies for physicians, nurses, caregivers, and ultimately your patients!

Expanse Logo

Core Team

Front Row: Ann Fitzpatrick, HR Dir; April Tigges, Fin. Analyst; Leisha Grindle, Dir Rad.; Erin Montei, Dir Pharm.; Sandi Cook, Lead Clinical Analyst; Kristin Vonnahme, HR

Second row: Becky Venner, Dir Patient Acct.; Diane Odendahl, Clin Analyst; Amy Wiskus, Clin Analyst; Barb Toohey, Expanse Executive Lead; Faye Halbur, Dir HIM.

Core Team Leaders not pictured: April Peterson, Ross Hein, Lisa Kouri, Ann Fitzpatrick, Cheryl Kocour, Sarah Riesberg and Nicole Schwering


Order A Nursing Shirt!

Attention nurses and nursing students!

Madi Lingle and Collette Krutsch designed shirts as part of a fundraiser through the DMACC Nursing Program with proceeds going towards St. Anthony Emergency Department and Cancer Center to provide funds for children's toys and homemade tie blankets.

Order DEADLINE is April 15th at midnight.

Order PICKUP is May 15th starting at 8 am at the Carroll DMACC Campus. Collette or Madi can bring orders to the hospital and put them in your lockers.

Short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, crewnecks, and hoodies in adult and children sizes are available. You also have the option to add the words “alumni” to the back of your shirt.

Click this link to order: 


Luanne Kustra Receives Humanitarian Award

Business and community leaders gathered at the Carrollton Center for the Carroll Chamber of Commerce banquet earlier this week to recognize the successes and challenges of the past two years. January 27, 2020, was the last time the Carroll Chamber hosted its banquet so the 2020 awards hadn't been distributed. Our very own LuAnne Kustra received the 2020 Humanitarian Award for her ceaseless efforts to provide food, books, and other necessities to families in need in the area. Congrats, LuAnne!

To celebrate LuAnne, there will be a reception Tuesday, April 5th from 2 - 3:30 PM in the Atrium. Cake and lemonade will be served.


Meet your new co-workers who joined us this past month. 

  • Hannah Andersen - Food & Nutrition
  • Brynn Bowman - Food & Nutrition
  • Kaitlyn Duszynski - Food & Nutrition
  • Evan Hammer - Garden View
  • Kristin Molitor - Nursing Home
  • Chelsey Morman - Lab
  • Kaci O’Leary - Food & Nutrition
  • Amanda Spangler - Nursing Home
  • Jordan Stork - MSP
  • Christian Taylor - Food & Nutrition

The PlateQuick & Healthy Meals from St. Anthony Registered Dietitian Madison Hemer

Keep your pantry stocked with these staples for quick and easy dishes.

  • Frozen or canned vegetables with no salt added (green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, and peas)
  • Whole grains: microwave brown rice or quinoa pouches, whole grain pasta, and whole wheat tortillas
  • Frozen fruit or canned fruit in its own juice
  • Whole wheat pizza dough
  • Frozen or canned poultry or seafood
  • Canned beans with no salt added

Here are some quick balanced meals you can whip up in minimal time.

  • Baked chicken with sautéed or steamed frozen vegetables and brown rice
  • Breakfast burrito with scrambled eggs, frozen peppers and/or spinach and shredded cheese on a whole wheat tortilla
  • Quinoa bowl with black beans, any vegetables you have on hand (corn, carrots, steam broccoli, avocados, and or cherry tomatoes), and a sauce or dressing of your choice (salsa, hot sauce, or olive oil and lemon juice)

Health Observances

Does your department have a national recognition day/week/month coming up? Please send us your photos and information and we'll share it here! Thank you. 

Let us share your stories! Tell us!

 CondolencesOur condolences for your loss this past month

  • Nancy Opperman (HIM) for the loss of her aunt.
  • Paula Lambertz (Admin) for the loss of her nephew.
  • Renee Hackfort (Radiology) for the loss of her grandfather.
  • Sara Schulte (Carroll Clinic) for the loss of her grandmother.
  • Kerry Kennebeck (Patient Registration) for the loss of her grandmother.
  • Tami Onken (SDS) for the loss of her father.
  • Lindsy Pudenz (Medical Oncology) for the loss of her grandmother.
  • Connie Janning (HR) for the loss of her cousin.
  • Cindy Janning (Clinic) for the loss of her cousin.
  • Kim Warnke (Nursing Home Housekeeping) for the loss of her mother-in-law.

CareersLet's add to our team and refer our friends to job listings.

St. Anthony is one of the largest employers in the Carroll area with more than 700 skilled and dedicated staff. YOU can help add to our team by forwarding the careers link to others who may be a good fit. Thank you!

View Job Openings

Happy Birthday

Best wishes to our co-workers who celebrate their special day this month. Click here for the full list. 

St. Anthony Foundation News: Write a Legacy Letter - Your Life: Your Story

The most cherished thing you leave behind won’t be a thing; it will be insight into who you truly are. One way to document this is through a legacy letter. Bullet points are just as effective as long-form writing. Or consider shooting a video or recording your voice.

Tips for a Successful Letter:

  • Set a deadline. This is an easy task to procrastinate.
  • Find a quiet spot to write that is comfortable and memory-filled. Grab a treasured photo album to flip through for inspiration.
  • Plan to return to the task later and revise. Documenting your values is unlikely to be an activity for a single sitting.
  • Try writing the letter to someone, starting with Dear [Family Member], It’s easier to write when you have your audience in mind.

Questions to Ask:

  • What values or life lessons are most important to you?
  • What major events affected your views?
  • Who has been your biggest influence?
  • Have you influenced others during your lifetime?
  • What are you most grateful for personally and professionally?
  • What are your dreams for the future?
  • What advice do you want to leave your loved ones?

Once you’ve jotted down some initial thoughts, you can begin to weave those values and beliefs into your legacy letter. Remember to share your connection to St. Anthony in your letter and feel free to contact Trish at 712-794-5223 or troberts@stanthonyhospital.org if you would like to include a gift to us as part of your legacy.

April Blood Drive

Did You KnowSt. Anthony Events and Classes!

St. Anthony offers a wide variety of events and classes throughout the year. To check them out for yourself or refer a friend, click here.


Check us out at: 

In addition, HealthView is published quarterly with various educational and informational topics. 

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