Matt Danilson, PA-C

Matt  Danilson

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Matt Danilson, PA-C was born and raised in Woodward, Iowa. He majored in Zoology (Human anatomy and physiology) at Iowa State University. He received his degree at Des Moines University. He has a background in Neurosurgery.

Matt has worked with Dr. Fish for the past 8 years. He works with Dr. Fish in the clinic and assists him in surgery. Matt has training in ultrasound musculoskeletal imaging with a specialty in ultrasound-guided injections.

General Orthopaedics, Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine

Practice Areas

Medical School(s):

Medical Education:
Iowa State University; Des Moines University 
Certifications: Physician Assistant-Certified
Physician Assistant for Dr. Mark Fish

Primary Location

Carroll, IA

Capital Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
311 S Clark St.
Suite 285
Carroll, IA 51401

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