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Thursday, 26 March 2009
While at St. Anthony to establish a new Pastoral Care Endowment, Sisters Celesta Day and Marlene Weisenbeck toured the new Education Center and got a close-up look at the METI Human Patient Simulator.(HPS) from Sara Fleecs, RN. The HPS is a state-of-the-art, life-sized, computerized mannequin that can be made to blink, speak, breathe and have a heartbeat, pulses and blood pressures. The HPS can be programmed to exhibit drug interactions and symptoms like those found in a patient care environment, giving nursing and other healthcare professionals the opportunity to train and test their skills in real-life scenarios.

By establishing a Pastoral Care Endowment, the FSPA continue their commitment to St. Anthony Regional Hospital and the Carroll community through the donation of property located at 310-312 South Clark Street, west of the hospital. The property equity will be used to establish a Pastoral Care Endowment that will ensure the ongoing commitment to the spiritual dimension of the healing mission of St. Anthony.

“This is another example of the Sisters’ support for St. Anthony and the Carroll area to prosper and grow,” said St. Anthony President, Gary Riedmann. “This generous gift will help continue the FSPA ministry which began more than one hundred years ago.”

The home is now being used as a residence for the Holy Spirit Sisters, who are actively involved in the direct delivery of healthcare for people served by St. Anthony. It will also provide a separate apartment to be used by medical students who are training at St. Anthony.

Throughout the 100 year history of St. Anthony, the FSPA have served in various governance, management and leadership roles. The FSPA still have an active membership role on the hospital and foundation boards of directors. It is of special interest that throughout the years of service to St. Anthony, the Sisters have never taken money out of our community for a management fee. They have been sponsoring a much needed mission of healthcare service and we appreciate their support.

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