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St. Anthony Employees Receive Service Award

Thursday, 26 March 2009

St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home employees were recognized for their years of service at an Employee Recognition Open House held on Thursday, January 15, 2009. Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home. The recognition awards and service pins were presented to the following individuals to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony:


45 Year Service Awards:

Marge Knott, Betty Kirsch

30 Year Service Awards:

Denise Higgins, Joleen Wallace, Mary Ambrose

25 Year Service Awards:

Paul Dieter, Diane Odendahl, Sandy Theulen, Deb Dieter, Luetta Meggers, Jill Reilly, Ginny Uhlenkamp, Sheryl Stoolman

20 Year Service Awards:

Michelle Schuette, Paula Wittrock, Cathy Vonnahme, Patty Baumhover, Ed Smith, Barbara Wright, Maureen Darr, Linda Bruch, Cindy Schroeder, Lili Short, Denise Hamer, Claudia Loneman

15 Year Service Awards:

Lisa Hausman, David Wiese, Susan Glass, Janell Schoenfeld, Peg Scheidt, Larry Blanchard, Jeff Boldt, Cindy Bolster, Nancy Croghan

10 Year Service Awards:

Cynthia Langel, Mary Klocke, Retta Williams, Peggy Kirsch, Faye Halbur, Ginny Soyer, Christine Dirkx, Marci Runneberg, Ann Terlisner, Sheri Wanninger, Wayne Bruening, Nancy Riesberg,Deanna Ricke- Schoessler, Amy Prenger, Melissa Lamaak, Monica Nees, Jackie Kalkhoff, Dr. Nelson Lo

5 Year Service Awards:

Shannon Hinners, Connie Wyatt, Amy Mensen, Christie Hanlon,Kimberly Warnke, Matt Loneman, Kathy Stidham-Schuette,Becky Venner, Peggy Lux, Renee Schwabe, Lita Kruger, Beth Hacker, Aricka Sibenaller, Denise Gehling, Norma Holley,Dorothy Frank, Jenny Jackson, Cheryl Cruchelow, Linda Roberts, Kristie Schlesner, Barbara Scott, Tina Gehling, Bobbie Snyder,Sharday Eischeid, Diane Boell, Corinna Bauer, Dr. David Taylor,Julie Espenhover, Linda Petersen, Ashley Henkle, Cathy Andersen, Sandy Snyder


Congratulations to all service award winners, and thank you for your years of service to St. Anthony!

For more information contact Gina Ramaekers in Human Resources at 712-794-5267.

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