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St. Anthony Mental Health Services 20th Anniversary

Monday, 09 November 2009

As St. Anthony celebrates 20 years of providing mental health services, we look back to our commitment to provide the healing and care of the total person – body, mind and soul.   One of the many ways we have carried out this philosophy has been by providing outpatient mental health services since1989, and, to include inpatient mental health care, in 1991. 

Prior to 1989, patients who came to St. Anthony with serious mental health issues were sent to providers outside the area for treatment.  When mental health patients required hospitalization, they were sent to hospitals in Omaha, Des Moines, or Sioux City, for inpatient treatment.  Transporting patients, in a crisis, was difficult for the patient and also frequently difficult to arrange in a timely manner, creating long waits in the emergency department or in a physician’s office.

In 1991 and, with the encouragement of the medical staff at St. Anthony, adult inpatient mental health services were established.  The decision to provide mental health services at St. Anthony allowed patients who had already been admitted to the hospital and patients coming from other areas of the hospital and who were in need of mental health services access to the necessary counseling and care right here in Carroll. 
In the first year of service, the inpatient department served 113 patients. In 2009, there were 275 patients who received services.  In addition, there were 3,223 outpatients who received care in 2009.  St. Anthony has seen a 47% increase in inpatient utilization from 2007 to 2009. By providing these services locally, St. Anthony mental health patients saved approximately 699,600 miles of travel to other communities during 2009. More importantly, St. Anthony improved the care of these patients by having their caregivers immediately available in our community.

As a community-based health care organization, St. Anthony primarily serves the mental health needs of people within a 60 mile radius of the city of Carroll.  The most frequent users of the services are residents from Carroll, Crawford, Greene and Calhoun counties; however, services are also provided in Ida, Sac, Guthrie, Audubon, Cass and Shelby counties. 

According to Health Resources Services Administration data, Iowa ranks 47th in the nation in the number of psychiatrists per capita.  This problem is worse in rural Iowa.  A recent survey found that 156 of the state’s 230 active psychiatrists work in the state’s six biggest cities.  Currently, there are 65 openings in Iowa for psychiatrists.  St. Anthony is fortunate to employ two excellent psychiatrists, Michael Carabine M.D., and,Robert Langenfeld M.D., who opened his practice in here in August of 2008.  Working with the psychiatrists is a very qualified nurse practitioner, Susan Muhlbauer, PhD, ARNP.   St. Anthony’s outpatient mental health staff includes two staff members who provide individual counseling and therapy, Diane Pinneke LISW, and Rita Burley LISW.

From a financial perspective, the combined inpatient and outpatient programs at St. Anthony Mental Health Services have been operating at a net loss over the past three years.  St. Anthony continues to be severely challenged by the ongoing state and national healthcare changes as a result of the recession.  In spite of these concerns, St. Anthony is dedicated to our mission of continuing to provide mental health services to Carroll and the surrounding area.  As the availability of mental health providers and financial resources are reduced, St. Anthony plays an even more critical role in providing these much needed services to our region. 
If you have any questions about Mental Health Services, at St. Anthony,  please call 712-794-5435.  If you have suggestions or concerns about any of other services or programs St. Anthony provides, please contact me at 794-5231.  Your input is important to us as we move forward in providing a full range of healthcare services to you and your family.


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