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St. Anthony Foundation Receives Gift from the Wilfred Eischeid Estate

Thursday, 03 September 2009

 St. Anthony Foundation received $100,000 from the Wilfred Eischeid Charitable Trust to be used towards the renovation of the Emergency Department at St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Mr. Eischeid served in the Army from 1942 to 1945 during World War II in Africa, Italy and central Europe. He spent his working life farming and raising cattle in the Halbur area and was a great supporter of St. Anthony Regional Hospital.

“When Wilfred was planning his estate, he was amazed at how he could support many of the charities that were important to him, and remember his family as well.” said Wilfred’s estate planning attorney, Patrick Eich.  “Many people are like Wilfred and until they sit down with their advisor, they don’t realize how they can benefit both charity and family.  Wilfred was very proud of his gifts to charity.”

 “We appreciate Wilfred’s thoughtful consideration of St. Anthony when he developed this estate plan,” said Gary Riedmann, President of St. Anthony Regional Hospital and Nursing Home. “His gift will ensure improved privacy and security for patients, their families and hospital staff in the Emergency Department.”

Total cost for the emergency department renovation and expansion is budgeted to be $4 million.
St. Anthony plans to raise $1 million in donations, with the remainder of the project being funded through organizational reserves and hospital operations.

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