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Emergency Services Make a Temporary Move

Monday, 06 July 2009

The familiar west canopy on the south side of the hospital, at the original Emergency Department entrance, will temporarily become the site for ambulances to unload patients coming to the Emergency Department. To lessen traffic and avoid confusion as ambulances come and go, the public is encouraged to avoid driving through this area. Patients who need to go to the ED should continue to enter and register at the admission desk on the south side of the hospital.


As part of the Emergency Department expansion, the first floor public corridor on the west side of the building will be closed and the former Same Day Surgery area on the hospital’s first floor will provide exam and treatments rooms for ED patients during construction.


The $4 million Emergency Department project was approved by the hospital board of directors in 2008 to address increased usage, and concerns for the security and privacy of patients, families and staff. The number of patients who use St. Anthony’s emergency services grew from 5,767 visits in 2005 to an expected 7,140 visits in 2009. Part of this growth is the result of St. Anthony’s decision to provide the community continuous on site availability of emergency physician coverage. The Emergency Department expansion project will address current 1970 building design concerns for patient, family and staff security and privacy issues and increase space for trauma treatment. The project is being funded from cash flow operations and a community capital campaign.


“Other hospital departments have been affected by the Emergency Department expansion,” said Gary Riedmann, hospital president. “The new Visiting Specialist & Infusion Therapy Clinic just opened on 1st floor across from the Cancer Center and laboratory, and the Radiology Department will be moving their ultrasound rooms and installing new digital mammography technology as a result of the Emergency Department project.”


“We’re expecting the whole expansion project to be complete in December,” said Riedmann. “The move to temporary quarters will allow us to continue seeing patients without interruption during the construction of our new space.”  


Last updated ( Thursday, 16 July 2009 )

Angela Albertsen
ER Director

St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home
311 S. Clark
Carroll, IA 51401