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New Location for Visiting Specialists and Infusion Therapy Clinic

Friday, 26 June 2009

St. Anthony Regional Hospital provides the community with physicians who bring their specialty area of medicine to Carroll as part of the hospital’s pledge to provide high quality healthcare, close to home. “Many patients were spending precious hours traveling to see a specialist or to receive chemotherapy. Our new Visiting Specialist and Infusion Therapy Clinic makes these services even more convenient for area residents. Families benefit by spending less time on the road and more time at home since the specialists and chemotherapy treatments are available here in our community,” said Gary Riedmann, hospital president. “Our local physicians have built a strong relationship with our visiting specialists and work closely with them to coordinate care for their patients.” 

On Monday, June 29th, St. Anthony opens a new location for the Visiting Specialist and Infusion Therapy Clinic, on the hospital’s first floor, across from the Cancer Center and Laboratory. “The new clinic is more convenient for patients,” said Riedmann, “and gives them a much more private, comfortable place to see a visiting specialist or to receive chemotherapy or infusion therapy treatments.” 

Planning for the relocation started with the development of plans for a new emergency department. “The new clinic space is the first phase of the emergency project to be completed, said Ed Smith, CFO and project coordinator. “We were able to give cancer patients the convenience of having radiation and chemotherapy services coordinated in one area that is close to the laboratory on first floor. We also gave patients who come in to see visiting specialists a more clinic-like setting.” 

Sheila Higgins will be the new clinic’s receptionist. Sheila will schedule appointments, welcome patients and add an additional level of privacy to the clinic. Patients no longer need to call the hospital operator for appointments. A new phone number, 712-794-5072, can be called directly between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. As in other clinic settings, a waiting area for patients who have appointments with a specialist or for family members is provided. 

Specialists currently providing clinics at St. Anthony include Dr.Robert Behrens (oncology), Dr. Robert Westberg (oncology), Dr. Christopher Huerter (Dermatology), Dr. Samir Yaseen (Nephrology), Dr. Marvin Hurd (physiatry) and Dr. Herman Greenwald (urology). In July, a new nephrologist, Ala’a Farahat, M.D., will begin holding clinics at St. Anthony.  

Over the past six months, Infusion Therapy has provided 78 chemotherapy treatments per month in addition to administering antibiotics, other IV drug therapies and blood transfusions. Five oncology-certified nurses staff the Infusion Therapy Clinic which can accommodate as many as nine patients at a time. “The new design of the Infusion Therapy Clinic will give our patients much more security and privacy when they come for treatments,” said Cheri Theulen, Director. “Just the atmosphere of our new space is calming and adds to the healing environment our patients need.”

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