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St. Anthony Mental Health Services Welcomes Psychiatrists

Wednesday, 07 November 2012

Philip Muller, D.O., Ejiro Idahosa, M.D., and Daniel Gillette, M.D. are all members of Associates for Psychiatric Services, P.C., a well known Sioux City-based group of psychiatric providers. Drs. Muller, Idahosa, and Gillette will provide services at St. Anthony on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, on a rotating basis. Appointments are available by calling St. Anthony Mental Health Services, 712-794-5435.

Drs. Muller, Idahosa and Gillette specialize in the treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders, offering a full range of treatment services, including evaluations, medication management and maintenance ECTs based on the patient’s needs.  The physicians are all board certified to provide the highest quality care.

Drs. Muller, Idahosa and Gillette join the team of mental health professionals at St. Anthony, including Susan Muhlbauer, PhD, ARNP, and Marilyn Paplow, ARNP, to provide vital mental health services to the greater Carroll area.

St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home
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