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Business & Professional Committee Works on Behalf of St. Anthony

Monday, 29 October 2012

(Pictured are: First Row L to R: Randy Nieland, Jill Schweers, Howie Drees, Ken Payer, Debbie Nieland; 2nd Row L to R: Stacey Vonnahme, Mark Schreck, Peg Scheidt, Kevin Wittrock; 3rd Row L to R: Doug Gifford, Kyl Knobbe, Justin Schenkelberg, Ed Smith, Trish Roberts. Missing: Terry Axman, Rachel Fransen, Kim Hackett, Aaron Juergens, Stacey Kasperbauer, Amy Prenger, Vicky Robinson, Fr. Timothy Schott, Ann Slechta, Kim Tiefenthaler, and Randy Tigges.
The Business/Professional committee is working to raise donations to fund a portion of the $3 million endowment that will bring an everlasting pastoral care program at St. Anthony.

"We've just started seeking donations through this committee, however volunteers have been chasing this $3 million goal for some time," said Howie Drees, one of the co-chairs for the Business/Professional committee. “For the past several months, there have been many people involved in meetings across Carroll and even western Iowa, working on the campaign to fund St. Anthony Pastoral Care Services into the future.”

Members of the Business/Professional committee include Terry Axman, Rachel Fransen, Doug Gifford, Kim Hackett, Aaron Juergens, Stacey Kasperbauer, Kyl Knobbe, Mark Nepple, Randy & Deb Nieland, Amy Prenger, Vicky Robinson, Justin Schenkelberg, Fr. Timothy Schott, Jill Schweers, Ann Slechta, Kim Tiefenthaler, Randy Tigges, and Kevin Wittrock. The business/professional committee is being led by Howie Drees and Ken Payer.

St. Anthony is the only hospital between Omaha and Des Moines with a Pastoral Care department and full time staff member. Pastoral Care at St. Anthony is staffed by a board certified chaplain who partners with area priests, ministers, deacons and volunteers to minister to hospital, outpatient, and emergency room patients and nursing home resident. This team of clergy and volunteers, lead by Chaplain Peg Scheidt, ministers to people of all faiths; provides daily mass in the St. Anthony Chapel; offers devotion and prayer time; offers the Adoration Chapels for private prayer and meditation; provides visits to hospice patients and their families; offers patients and residents communion and prayer support; and manages the No One Dies Alone program.

"Faith and spiritual care is an important part of the healing process," said Ed Smith, President and CEO of St. Anthony. "We're trying to make sure that this department never feels the pinch of budget strains down the line. The campaign volunteers are hard-working people, who know the value of having a person available 24/7 for their religious or prayerful needs. We have many patients and families who have been impacted by Pastoral Care services, so a project like this is greatly supported."

St. Anthony has developed a plan to provide stable, dependable funding for pastoral care services. The pastoral care endowment of $3 million will be invested with the goal that the principal will last. A percentage of earnings will be available annually to fund the pastoral care program at St. Anthony. A video explaining Pastoral Care at St. Anthony is available online at

Firmly committed to the goal of funding the Pastoral Care Department through an endowment, Smith knows this service is an avenue for the patients and their family and friends to get the support they need. To make a donation to the Pastoral Care Endowment, go to:


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