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Surgery Center Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Since the June 2008 opening of the Surgery Center, over 5,300 procedures have taken place. The changes in the way we can now deliver surgical services have allowed us to greatly enhance the quality of care we give our patients. Our operating rooms have been transformed by technology so that our surgeons are not only performing new procedures, but also are doing old procedures in new ways.


New surgeries taking place during the past year at St. Anthony include the surgical removal of diseased kidneys (nephrectomy), an even more precise computerized knee replacement and a new cataract removal that offers the greatest benefit to patients with dense cataracts. Each of these procedures requires special skills from our surgeons, combined with the precision and accuracy of computer technology in the operating room.


Surgeries that typically required large incisions and long recovery periods are now being performed with new methods that lessen pain, shorten hospital stays, and cut recovery time dramatically. A new laparoscopic method of performing a hysterectomy has decreased recovery time to one-fourth that of the traditional abdominal hysterectomy. The usual surgical treatment of hemorrhoids caused considerable post-operative pain for most patients. Now, a doppler-guided hemorrhoidal treatment is done on an outpatient basis, and results in an effective treatment and much less pain following the procedure. Until recently, the standard surgical approach for the treatment of lung cancer involved a large rib spreading incision to remove tumors. Recently, surgeons at St. Anthony have used the latest endoscopy techniques for partial lung removal, decreasing the hospital stay to three or four days, and giving patients improved breathing function earlier because of the less invasive, less painful procedure. In addition, anesthesia is administered to patients using ultrasound guided nerve blocks for surgeries and post-operative pain management.

 St. Anthony surgeons are supported by a veteran group of St. Anthony employees, many of whom have received specialized training and/or certification in their specialty area. Their continual collaboration with support services, such as radiology, pathology and respiratory therapy, helps provide the best care possible.  

The St. Anthony Surgery Center will be featured in the September 2009 issue of  Architectural Showcase, a publication for commercial design professionals. A jury of 20 industry professionals (architects, interior designers, and facility management) selected St. Anthony as one of 115 projects to be featured. This is a distinct honor to be selected as one of the featured projects in this magazine. But, our real focus is on our patients and how we can make their experience at St. Anthony truly reflect the highest standard of care.

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