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Patient Comfort & Added Safety Built into New Beds at St. Anthony

Friday, 30 March 2012

The new beds were purchased from Hill Rom after an in-depth trial of several hospital bed vendors. Besides offering patients more comfort, the new beds will improve both patient and staff safety.

The beds are equipped with alarms that signal nurses if a patient who is at risk for a fall is getting out of bed without assistance from staff, or if the wheels on the bed are left in an unlocked position. State-of-the-art technology automatically integrates the alarms into the call light system to immediately alert nursing staff. Side rails on the beds have bright, easy-to-read controls embedded for patient convenience and efficiency.

The new beds are fully adjustable for easier patient transport and built-in scales allow nurses to weigh patients without lifting or transporting patients in and out of bed. Special electrical outlets and hooks make it easier for healthcare professionals to plug in and hang special monitors or equipment that may be needed during care or recovery. In addition to giving patients maximum comfort, the beds have mattresses that use circulated air to help prevent pressure ulcers in patients at risk for skin breakdown.

“The new beds are such a good thing for both our patients and staff,” said Linn Block, Med/Surg Nursing Director. “The extra level of comfort makes our patients’ hospital stay better and the many built in features on the beds help protect both patients and staff from injuries while they’re at St. Anthony.” 

(Pictured are Patty Baumhover, RN, and Mandy Thelen, RN, with one of the new beds.)

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