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Better Images, More Comfort from the New MRI at St. Anthony

Thursday, 29 March 2012

The new MRI has what the industry has labeled a ‘short bore’ which means a larger, more spacious opening and shorter enclosure for tests. The short bore configuration allows the patient’s head to remain outside the system for many scans and eases patient fears of being too closed in during testing – a worry common to many patients. The MRI’s design and magnet strength deliver more detailed images than ever, in a shorter time than other open MRI systems. 

“Patients expect high quality imaging when their doctor orders MRI testing,” said Nancy Malloy, Radiology Director at St. Anthony. “Our new system gives patients the best of all worlds during the exam – an opening that is larger and shorter, which helps ease claustrophobia and gives increased weight tolerance for more comfort, and more detailed images to help with their physician’s diagnosis and treatment.”

The new short bore MRI compliments St. Anthony’s full range of high quality imaging services –  
x-ray, CT scanning, ultrasound, digital mammography and nuclear testing. St. Anthony continues to invest precious dollars in maintaining new equipment and renovations for installation in the hospital’s first floor Radiology Department. For the MRI, an exterior and interior wall had to be removed to bring the new magnet into the building.

“The new MRI capabilities will prove to be an important step to help patients and their physicians maintain their health within the Carroll the community,” said Malloy.


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