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Hope Jensen, ARNP, Begins Reading Program for Well Child Examinations

Wednesday, 07 March 2012

Hope Jensen, a Family Medicine Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner at St. Anthony’s Family Care Physicians Clinic, has undertaken a pilot program to get parents and children reading together as part of a routine Well Child examination. The Well Child exams are meant to track a child’s height, weight, physical development and routine vaccinations. Ms. Jensen hopes to also encourage parents to make healthy choices while introducing early reading habits, language development and literacy in young children. With the help of Chuck Mounce, who provided funds to purchase an assortment of books, each child, beginning at age 2 months through age 5, will receive a book from Ms. Jensen at their Well Child exam. Ms. Jensen has hopes that the reading program will receive positive feedback and eventually expand to the entire St. Anthony Clinic system.

“As a nurse practitioner, I am passionate about teaching health promotion. I discuss various topics with parents, such as family well-being, behavior, nutrition, and safety when they bring their children into the clinic for Well Child exams. I stress limiting ‘screen time’ and the importance of reading to children. I learned about a program like this from another nurse practitioner who gave books to parents at Well Child examinations. I thought this was a great idea to reinforce my teaching about the importance of reading together from an early age,” said Ms. Jensen. “My goal is that reading aloud, laughing, talking and exploring books together will be a positive influence on the children, parents and family as a whole.”

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