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St. Anthony Presents Service Awards

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home.  The recognition awards and service pins were presented to the following individuals to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony:

45 Year Service Award:       Dottie Heithoff, Nursing Home
40 Year Service Award:       Jane Bruening, Health Information
35 Year Service Awards:     Denise Muhlbauer, Clinics; Linda Bauer, Laboratory; Peggy Leiting, Radiology; 
                                                  Bonnie Gray, Admissions; Julie Rohe, Birth Place

30 Year Service Awards:    Jane Hackfort, Same Day Surgery; Katie Towers, Education; Dianna Reetz,
                                                Housekeeping; Cheri Theulen, Same Day Surgery; Pat Hogan, Birth Place;
                                                Donna Hartl, Nursing Home; Sheryl Frehse, Mental Health 

25 Year Service Awards:    Nancy Malloy, Radiology; Joyce Ferneding, Home Health; Sue Seeden, Nursing
                                                Home; Sandy Cayler, Mental Health 

20 Year Service Awards:     Sue Stork, Birth Place; Helen Pudenz, Rehabilitation Services; Renee Stangl,
                                                 Laboratory; Julie Schrader, Dialysis; Carol Snyder, Dialysis; Sue Ludwig,
                                                 Birth Place

15 Year Service Awards:  Melanie Bauer, Same Day Surgery; Liz Schaefer, Housekeeping; Eileen Prebeck,
                                               Food & Nutrition; Doris Broich, Food & Nutrition; Dick Enos, Maintenance; 
                                               Lynn Irlbeck, Nursing Home; Alvin Reinart, Food & Nutrition; Shawna Bradley,
                                               Nursing Home; Cindy Horvatich, Admissions; Sharon Fertig, Clinics; Amy
                                               Halbur, Surgery 

10 Year Service Awards:    Cal Tigges, IT; Steve Schable, Rehabilitation Services; Melissa Carisch, Nursing
                                                Home; Jerry Nepple, Housekeeping; Wendy Mescher, CCU; Kim Karns,
                                                Housekeeping; Diane Willenborg, Housekeeping; Luanne Kustra, Nursing Home;
                                                Kevin Bohac, Anesthesia; Jen Jeschke, Health Information; Stacey Kasperbauer,
                                                CCU; LaJean Schmeiser, Housekeeping; Clare Nagl, Birth Place; Norma Gross,
                                                Food & Nutrition 

Year 5 Service Awards:      Linn Schrage, Med/Surg/Peds; Peggy Griffith, Outpatient MHS; Charlie Bock,
                                                Materials Management; Bob Anderson, Med/Surg/Peds; Jill Schultes Pudenz,     
                                                Dialysis; Durene Eisenbacher, Birth Place; Steven Gehling, Food & Nutrition; Susan
                                                Kock, Emergency; Wendy Baker, Emergency; Sandy Kilbride, Orthopedics; Dan 
                                                Becker, Emergency; Mollie Lappe, Med/Surg/Peds; Crystal Waterbury, Public Health; 
                                                Shirley Heithoff, Housekeeping; Roxie Rupiper, Med/Surg/Peds; Kelly Hays, 
                                                Laboratory; Shellene Feld, Mental Health; Kelley Mead, Emergency; Lane Pudenz, 
                                                Home Health; Julie Ganoe, Food & Nutrition; Lisa Goodwin, Nursing Home; Jessica
                                                Schultes, Food & Nutrition; Shelby Klocke, Health Information; Leah Vogl, Laboratory;
                                                Eva Patterson, Emergency; Tricia Bock, Clinics; Shelby Carisch, Med/Surg/Peds; Kim
                                                Barnard, Orthopedics; Lisa Hartwigsen, Med/Surg/Peds; Sara Fleecs, Education; 
                                                Cheri Freese, Nursing Home; Holly Pemble, Clinics; Dr. Karla Cheney, Clinics; Carol 
                                               Promes, Health Information; Sr. Melania Masera, Nursing Home; Paul Ludwig,
                                               Maintenance; Patty Hauswirth, Hospice; Sheryl Vonnahme, Housekeeping; Catherine
                                               Wernimont, Food & Nutrition; Jenna Rosenbeck, Med/Surg/Peds; Sandy Williams,
                                               Med/Surg/Peds; Sara Roth, Emergency

Congratulations to all service award recipients, and thank you for your years of service to St. Anthony!



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