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St. Anthony Offers New 3D/4D Ultrasound Services

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

This added feature helps provide unsurpassed image clarity for diagnostic purposes. The new ultrasound units also provide better image capability for larger sized patients who may have been difficult to image in the past.

Ultrasound is a commonly used advanced diagnostic technique that allows physicians and patients to view internal organs, or an unborn baby, with greater detail. Because it can be used in the most delicate conditions without major side effects, ultrasound has become one of the most popular diagnostic methods in healthcare. Using high-frequency sound waves to produce moving images of the body’s internal soft tissue structure, it provides safe, fast and relatively painless diagnostic imaging on an outpatient basis.

Ultrasound is used for a variety of common diagnostic exams, including vascular, thyroid, abdominal, pelvic and testicular exams. In obstetrics, ultrasound is commonly used for diagnostic purposes to identify important information about mother and baby. St. Anthony’s new ultrasound technology offers advances that now allow expectant parents to see their baby smile, yawn, suck their fingers, and even open their eyes. For expectant parents, the best time for a 3D ultrasound is between the 20th to the 26th week of pregnancy, which allows a view of the baby’s features or the opportunity to identify any possible fetal abnormality.

The upgraded ultrasound also offers ergonomic benefits for the ultrasound technologists, which gives patients faster scan time in greater comfort.

Additional upgrades for MRI and CT imaging will be taking place at St. Anthony in the coming months, giving physicians and patients the advantage of clearer images, and better diagnostic capabilities to help visualize and understand any underlying conditions.

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