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St. Anthony Implements New Electronic Information System

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The new system will reduce errors, use space and employees more efficiently, and provide patients another reason to choose St. Anthony for their care. The transition to Phase One of the new Meditech 6.0 information system being implemented at St. Anthony will happen in the wee hours of the morning on December 1st. Planning, which began almost two years ago, has been followed by a intense software building, tests, training and parallel runs that will culminate at 12:00 a.m., on December 1st, with hospital-wide use of the first phase of the new information system. The new system will be used in all phases of patient care, gives caregivers immediate access to clinical data and improves workflow by allowing access to data from physician offices or homes, decreasing the need for phone calls, letters, and notices. The new Meditech 6.0 system increases patient safety by offering caregivers built in visual cues for critical or abnormal results, reminders for additional monitoring, and guidelines for caregivers.

“It is a daunting task to connect medical and staff information across the organization,” said Ed Smith, Senior Vice President. “We have the latest technology in imaging, laboratory, pharmacy and surgery already in use for patient care. Now, those systems will be linked through Meditech 6.0 to provide a complete roadmap for the care we provide.”

Physicians and staff from the entire organization have been immersed in the selection, set up, testing, and training of Meditech 6.0 up to this point.  “It has been a labor intensive project for many months,” said Smith. “Everyone who has worked on the project is to be commended for their dedication to improving the delivery of care at St. Anthony. It was no small task just to get to the December 1 “Go Live” date. With that in mind, we sought out individuals from our staff willing and able to work with a variety of people from all departments to come together and create a system to meet the needs of the hospital's clinical and financial areas. We are confident that the final product is a house-wide information system that will be the pride of St. Anthony for many years to come.”  Staff members have been asked to step out of their usual roles and learn how to build a new and improved information system that will greatly impact the quality of the care provided for patients. It was very important, from the beginning, that the system was customized to meet the unique technology needs of St. Anthony, so involvement of a cross-section of personnel was a key component to the success of the project.  

Now, in anticipation of the December 1 transition, parallel testing of the current information system and the new Meditech 6.0 has been taking place to assure that data results are accurate. Staff throughout the organization has been in intensive training to make sure they are equipped with the skills needed to use the new system as they continue to provide high quality care, and necessary hardware has been put into place. In the early hours of December 1, a backup of paper processes will be used to assure an unbroken continuity of care as the old system transitions into the new. Then, at the appointed hour, the new Meditech 6.0 system will be allowed to flow throughout the organization and will become the backbone of healthcare delivery at St. Anthony.

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