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Vision Enhancement Equipment Aids Nursing Home Residents

Monday, 31 October 2011

This gift, which magnifies printed text and photographs up to 85 times their original size, will greatly enhance the lives of the residents by helping them enjoy various reading materials which they otherwise would have had to forego because of their vision impairments.
Dr. Kiessling stated, “I hope this device brings many hours of reading and photo-viewing pleasure to our low-vision residents and visitors."
Evelyn Snyder, St. Anthony Nursing Home resident, stated, “We are happy to have this machine to help us read and enjoy books and magazines.”
Clem Efta, another St. Anthony Nursing Home resident, recently used the vision enhancement unit to read the directions for his electric razor. Clem added, “I got a letter last week from my son, and the writing was too small for me to see. I put the letter into the unit, and I was able to read it perfectly.”

(Pictured are Dr. Kiessling and nursing home resident, Lois Hill)

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