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Gary Riedmann Selected as IHA Board Chair

Monday, 10 October 2011

Riedmann became CEO at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in 1992.  Riedmann has been on the IHA Board since 2004 and is the current chair of the IHA Council on Representation and Advocacy.  In 1996, Riedmann received IHA’s Excellence in Leadership Award.  Riedmann is also board chairman for the Mid-America Healthcare Alliance.

Headquartered in Des Moines, IHA is a voluntary membership organization representing hospital and health system interests to business, government and consumer audiences.  The IHA Board provides strategic leadership and guidance for the Association, which counts all of Iowa’s 118 community hospitals among its members.

Riedmann, who has been on the IHA Board since 2004, will serve a one-year term as IHA Board Chair.

Guest Message- Iowa Hospital Association Friday Board Mailing
It is my honor and privilege to be elected as chairman of the Iowa Hospital Association Board.  More than anything else, I recognize the primary goal for my term is to uphold the high expectations each of us has as an IHA member.

In the past 20 years as president of St. Anthony, I feel I have been a part of a long record of service, excellence and successes at IHA.  I hope as chairman I can help make IHA as important and meaningful to you, to all of Iowa’s hospitals and the people who lead them, as it has been to me.

All of the successes at IHA begin with you.  IHA succeeds as the voice of Iowa Hospitals because so many of you are willing to contribute to the conversation.  You attend district meetings, conferences and forums.  You join councils and workgroups.  Yes, it takes time.  But this is well-invested time that pays dividends not only for your hospital and IHA members as a whole, but for each of us personally as we develop as professionals, leaders, and friends.

There is no organization like IHA, no better way to combine our strengths as advocates for community-based health care and no better opportunity to improve ourselves, our staffs and our hospitals.  IHA provides for us the tools and the mechanisms to make health care in Iowa even higher in quality and more accessible.  IHA offers us the platform and the channels to reach decision-makers, stakeholders and consumers with our key messages.   And they hear us.  They understand our reasoning, recognize our needs and our achievements, and they support our priorities.

This is how we succeed, not only as the organization known as the Iowa Hospital Association, but as Iowa hospitals, the very foundation of health care in this state.  We all know the role our hospitals play in each of our communities.  It’s a role that cannot be replaced or duplicated.  It’s a role that affords our hospitals and the people who work for them with great stature and even greater responsibilities.  It’s far more than a role—it’s a trust, an obligation and a privilege.

My point is even thought our field is experiencing stress through a national recession and budget trauma, each of us are so fortunate to be part of health care today.  What each of us does touches the lives of individuals and families across the state of Iowa.  Each of you is important, special and needed, and I hope that my term as Board Chair will help you in some way to better serve our communities.

Thank you.

Gary Riedmann
Board Chair, Iowa Hospital Association


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