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Biphasic Defibrillators Purchased to Enhance Patient Safety

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The new defibrillators offer the most current technology and safety for a patient who requires defibrillation in a critical situation. Defibrillation is a lifesaving electrical shock treatment used to re-establish a patient’s heart rhythm when a threatening arrhythmia occurs.

The new machines put many enhanced capabilities in the caregivers hands, including“ smart tools” to help doctors and nurses improve the efficiency of performing CPR.  This is important because more than half of the hospital patients who suffer a ‘code blue’ situation must be treated with a high-quality CPR with minimal interruptions.   The new biphasic defibrillators provide a “Real CPR Help” feature that gives caregivers real-time feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions to improve results for the patient.

“St. Anthony places high importance on delivering the highest quality care for patients with sudden cardiac arrest. Our experience shows that the new defibrillators are cutting edge technology, resulting in the best possible patient care,” said Sara Payer, Director of St. Anthony’s Critical Care Unit.

The purchase of the new defibrillators standardizes CPR equipment throughout the hospital, which gives improved communication between caregivers during an emergent situation. Since the parts of the defibrillators are interchangeable, the possibility of a mismatch of vital equipment during a life saving situation is eliminated.

By using standard Wi-Fi technology, the new machines automatically send a message of readiness at a programmed time. This extra readiness feature maximizes patient safety by alerting staff to intervene on any potential problem before the defibrillator is needed.

Staff at St. Anthony have received specialized training on the new equipment and will continue training to assure that a highly trained team is always available to use the new technology effectively.

Nurses, Pat Hogan and Joyce McCurdy, are pictured in a training session on the new biphasic defibrillators.


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