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St. Anthony Regional Hospital Creates a $31,025,842 Impact on Carroll Area’s Economy

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A recent study by the Iowa Hospital Association  (IHA) shows that healthcare in the Carroll area is more than clinics, the hospital and physicians. The study shows conclusively that St. Anthony Regional Hospital’s 576 hospital jobs fuel a total of 970 jobs in the Carroll area that add $31,025,842 to the Carroll economy. In addition, St. Anthony Regional Hospital employees by themselves spend $10,980,291 on retail sales and contribute $549,015 in state sales tax revenue.

“St. Anthony Regional Hospital has a tremendous impact on the economy of Carroll and the surrounding area,” said Art Neu, St. Anthony Board of Directors Chairperson. “We are grateful to the Franciscan Sisters for the support and encouragement that has allowed St. Anthony to continue to meet the needs of Carroll and our surrounding area.”

St. Anthony, as a private, not-for-profit hospital, does not receive local property tax funds to support the healthcare services offered to the area surrounding Carroll. As a major employer in the Carroll area, St. Anthony contributes to the local economy with a payroll and benefits, and St.  Anthony’s employees positively impact the area’s economic sectors as they purchase goods, pay income and sales tax and participate in community activities.

“Iowa hospitals are major employers and business partners throughout the state,” said Kirk Norris, IHA president/CEO.  “As Iowa continues to look for opportunities to grow its economy and stabilize its population, a strong health care system, anchored by well-supported community hospitals, is essential.”

The study found that state-wide, Iowa hospitals directly employ 71,446 people and create another 83,082 jobs outside the hospital care sector.  As an income source, hospitals provide $3.2 billion in salaries and benefits and generate almost another $2.2 billion through other jobs that depend on hospitals.

In all, Iowa’s health care sector, which includes employed clinicians, long-term care
services and assisted living centers, pharmacies and other medical and health services,
directly and indirectly provides 375,470 Iowa jobs, or more than one-fifth of the state’s total employment.

Gary Riedmann, President of St. Anthony Regional Hospital added, “As St. Anthony continues to respond to meet the healthcare services needed by our community, the physicians and staff who deliver healthcare to Carroll will play an ever increasing role in maintaining the economic strength of our region.”


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