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Readers' Den Added to Nursing Home

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The library is open at all times for residents to enjoy choosing from a selection of books, magazines, cards, dominoes, games, word searches, and puzzles.  A laptop computer is also available in the library for residents’ use.

“We are always looking for ways to make our facility a more home-like environment for our residents,” stated Aura Lee Sibenaller, Activities Director.  “With this in mind, we have opened the new library for our residents to come and go as they please, just as they would be able to do in their own homes.”

“The residents enjoy browsing for books, magazines, and games, and they are also able to sit in the library to read, work on crossword puzzles, or play games if they choose,” added Sherry Greteman, Nursing Home Director. “We have named our new library ‘The Reader’s Den,’” because some of our residents remember that there was a bookstore in Carroll by that name many years ago.”

St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home
311 S. Clark
Carroll, IA 51401