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St. Anthony Honors Employee Service

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Service tenure awards are given at five-year intervals for all employees who serve continuously at St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home. The recognition awards and service pins are presented to all employees who serve continuously to honor them for their commitment to St. Anthony.

The highlight of the recognition was to honor Ella Mae Muenchow on her golden anniversary of serving 50 years at St. Anthony. Ella Mae began her hospital career in 1956 as a staff aid in the OB unit. She recalls that it wasn’t unusual to have 20 to 25 babies in the nursery at that time. Her early duties included caring for mothers and babies, making sterile bundles for delivery, washing and wrapping syringes, and preparing and wrapping gloves and instruments that were reused for deliveries. Fathers were not allowed in the delivery room and the only phone was a phone booth in the hall. “Of course, today things are done much differently and I’ve seen many changes over the years,” said Ella Mae.

Ella Mae completed LPN training in 1960, continuing in the OB Unit and later serving as a nurses’ aid instructor. She began working in the original hospital building and has witnessed the many changes St. Anthony has undergone, including the remodeling and additions to The Birth Place that brought all private labor, delivery, postpartum and recovery rooms for births, and home-like amenities and comfort for new families. Pat Hogan, Birth Place Director says, “All of the staff at The Birth Place are so pleased to honor Ella Mae for her many years of service. She is valuable member of our Birth Place family.”

Employees receiving service awards were:
50 Year Service Award:  Ella Mae Muenchow
45 Year Service Award:  Agnes McKone
40 Year Service Award:  Betty Reinart
35 Year Service Award:  Dorothy Geister
30 Year Service Awards: Cathy Tigges, Deb Owen, Darlene Rueter, Jeanne Boeckman, Sue Weitl
25 Year Service Awards: Lucy Lockhart, John Knorr, Carolyn Johnson, Donna Klocke, Shirley Trulsen
20 Year Service Awards: Joyce McCurdy, Mary Meiners, Renee G Brincks, Deon Rowedder, Cindy Erickson, Pam Wiese, Deb Adams, Donna Pottebaum, Ann Sweeney
15 Year Service Awards: Bethel Carpenter, Donna Arp, Dale Musfeldt, Carlyss Heuton, Chris Valentine, Joyce Masching, Diana Wiese, Gail Dentlinger, Cindy Hogan, Kelly Lee
10 Year Service Awards: Mary Snyder, Norma Enos, Sharon Staton, Lisa Reid, Sharon Wiederin, Katie Tuel, Chris Langenfeld, Randy Pietig, Julie Pietig, Joette Peters, Sr. Anila Edakkamcheril, Sr. Jovitha Mtenga, Lynn Berger
5 Year Service Awards: Laurie Prichard, Mary Anne Lahr, Lynn Riesenberg, Katie Deweese, Leisha Grindle, Sheila Dentlinger, Barry Kohnke, Sr. Eleonora Shirima, Katelyn Goettsch, Kellee Holt, Diane Hyland, Krista Overmohle, Lermes Johnson, Tina Schultz, Joan Berg, Tami Onken, Lisa Stoelk, Mary Ziegler, Sr. Santhy Thyil, Shelley Haupert, Shelli Gibson, Travis Petersen, Paula McCrea, Holly Venteicher, Tara Baier, Toni Linberg, Kristi Magnuson, Joann Venteicher, Vickie Boes.

Congratulations to all service award recipients, and thank you for your years of service to St. Anthony!

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