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St. Anthony Announced As A Finalist in the 2010 Hospital Charitable Service Award

Thursday, 16 December 2010

According to award chairman, Charles R. Evans, FACHE, the Hospital Charitable Awards seek to find, reward and share stories of hospitals that consistently push beyond their core mission of providing essential healthcare services and generously give back to the communities they serve.

The Missionaries to Iowa program was nominated by meeting five criteria areas: community impact, innovation, collaboration, transferability and best practice. The Missionaries to Iowa program partnered with the local religious community to train Catholic nuns from Africa and India to become certified nursing assistants. Their training allowed the Sisters to work in the St. Anthony Nursing Home which helped alleviate an acute shortage of CNAs, and allowed St. Anthony to construct an Alzheimer’s unit. The specialized Alzheimer’s  unit currently benefits 18 residents and their families, from St. Anthony’s seven-county hospital service area. Before the African and Indian nuns received training, families providing care for Alzheimer’s patients had very limited options for finding assistance to care for loved ones suffering from dementia. This program – which has been replicated in other settings – has been successful in meeting these critical needs.

"The Missionaries to Iowa program has an added benefit of allowing the participating Sisters to send earnings back to their home countries to provide their own family and community members with basic living necessities," according to Sherry Greteman, St. Anthony Nursing Home Director. “The nomination for the award is really the result of the entire Nursing Home staff who have worked together to help the Sisters adjust to the new culture, their new duties and a new environment. It couldn’t have happened without having everyone involved.”

“We are very proud of the success of our unique Missionaries to Iowa program,” said Gary Riedmann, hospital president. “Especially given the mutual benefit that has been recognized by both the residents of our community and the Sisters who serve in the program. We are pleased to among the nominees for the Hospital Charitable Service Awards.” Riedmann continued, “We hope that we can expand the program here in Iowa and help those in other communities who are interested in serving their residents in a similar fashion.”

The Hospital Charitable Service Awards honors hospital programs that set new standards for health and wellness in their community through education, access and delivery. The award recognizes hospitals whose commitment to their community goes beyond community benefit and has led to innovative efforts to improve the community health and increase access to healthcare education and services. The goals of the award are to create greater community awareness, celebrate the accomplishments and share existing best practices for community health programs.

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