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SOAR Project Improves Patient Care by Implementing

Health information is the backbone of patient care in the hospital setting, allowing physicians to place orders for care, nurses to carry out doctors’ orders, medicines to be dispensed, x-rays to be taken and read, and things such as scheduling appointments and filing insurance claims and billing to be accomplished.

Employees were given the opportunity to nominate an acronym that best described the importance and scope of the implementation project at St. Anthony. Darlene Reuter, RN, Director of Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation, submitted the SOAR (Seeking Opportunities Achieving Results) nomination, which was selected to identify the project by St. Anthony’s administrative team.

The new SOAR Meditech project will promote patient safety, automate many processes that are now done manually, and improve communication for everyone involved in patient care. More efficient billing and immediate access to accurate medical records will enable clinicians to make more informed decisions. The ultimate goal of implementing the new system will be for caregivers to have the ability to view a patient’s entire medical record electronically.

 “This new technology is increasingly important for St. Anthony. By giving our providers and care givers better tools, better information and a more efficient way of sharing information, we are connecting everyone involved in the care of a patient,” said St. Anthony President, Gary Riedmann. “The goal of the SOAR project is to ensure safe, high quality care for everyone we serve through the efficient use of resources.”

St. Anthony’s first phase of the SOAR project, to ‘go-live’ with the Meditech 6.0 system, is December 1, 2011. Additional implementation of following phases will continue for another 24 months, with an expected completion in April 2013. “There are many milestones to be met before our SOAR project has the new health information system completely in place,” said Riedmann.

The selection process for the new health information system (HIS) began months ago, with physicians and staff completing an assessment of the needs their jobs call for in the delivery of patient care. Indepth demonstrations of software products followed, with the ultimate selection of the Meditech Advanced Technology Platform 6.0 being selected to support the clinical, financial and administrative needs at St. Anthony. Staff who were identified as key users of the health information system visited other hospitals to see, first-hand, how well the  software worked in an actual healthcare setting, and to talk, in person, to the people who currently use the software every day.

Ed Smith, Vice President and CFO at St. Anthony, said, “The investment in the new information system is a critical step toward a successful future at St. Anthony while, at the same time, keeping the hospital system in compliance with upcoming federal regulations that move healthcare toward the adoption of an electronic health record.” Substantial hardware will be added in preparation of the start-up and new processes will be developed and implemented. The use of the new Meditech platform is expected to improve efficiency and patient safety by having one integrated system instead of many applications to deliver patient information. St. Anthony has committed $4.0 million to capital and quality improvements for the implementation of the new Health Information System over the next 28 months.


Last updated ( Thursday, 13 January 2011 )

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