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St. Anthony Patients Benefit From CT Low Dose Technology

Monday, 20 December 2010

Computed tomography (CT) imaging creates detailed images of the body using x-rays. CT or CAT scans, as they are commonly called, helps in identifying diseases in the early stages, when the possibility of a cure is at its greatest. A CT scan creates a three-dimensional image, with lifelike detail, to help physicians define what is happening inside the body. CT scans are often used to examine details of the brain, heart, airway, lungs, bones, tissue and blood vessels as well as diagnosing cancer and monitoring treatments.

While everyone is exposed to different sources of natural radiation in daily life, the radiation exposure from many types of medical imaging has been a growing concern by many physicians and patients. By choosing the Siemens CT technology, St. Anthony has made a conscious decision to provide the best possible diagnostic imaging at the lowest possible radiation dose for patients. This decision keeps the risk of radiation from medical imaging as low as possible while offering the highest potential for diagnostic benefits.

St. Anthony continues to work on finding technology solutions that benefit patients and the community. The selection of low dose CT technology is one way St. Anthony is working to make healthcare smarter, faster, more efficient and affordable.

Last updated ( Monday, 20 December 2010 )

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