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Record Surgeries at St. Anthony in November

Friday, 03 December 2010

At the end of the month, a total just short of 400 patients had received surgical treatment as an outpatient or had surgery and been admitted for a stay at the hospital. Patients came from distances, including Atlantic, Fort Dodge, and Des Moines to have their surgery and be treated at St. Anthony. “Patients who come from a distance and are not familiar with St. Anthony are all very complimentary about the specialty services we offer, the caring nurses and staff, and the facilities available,” said Linda Petersen, surgery director.

The opening of the Surgery Center, in 2008, expanded St. Anthony’s capability to serve more patients, with four state-of-the-art surgery suites. In addition, surgeons with expertise in orthopedics, general surgery that includes oncology and gynecology procedures, ophthalmology, ear/nose/throat, ECT, and dental procedures draw patients from surrounding areas to St. Anthony and Carroll. “The recent arrival of an additional orthopedic specialist, Dr. Chris Nelson, who has training in new techniques for hip resurfacing is bringing patients who are being referred from the Des Moines area for treatment,” said Gary Riedmann, hospital president. “This is an example of a new procedure being performed at St. Anthony before it is available in the larger cities.”

“December promises to end the year with full schedule,” said Ms. Petersen. “Because it’s the end of the year many people want to use up medical reimbursement funds which fills our schedule with elective surgeries in addition to our customary scheduled procedures.”



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