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Mission & Values

St. Anthony Regional Hospital is a Catholic healthcare organization sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration and a regional leader in providing consistently high quality healthcare services responsive to patient and community needs.

We believe in the Healing Ministry of Christ. We strive to visibly impart God’s love through sharing, caring and concern.
     Compassion - Responding to others with interest, warmth and concern
     Hospitality - Having a welcoming attitude, using eye contact, smiling, greeting and
     calling  people by name
     Empathy - Striving to understand how another feels

We believe in Quality. We continually strive to exceed patient and customer expectations while being financially responsible.
     Improvement - Offering suggestions and assuming responsibility for continually
     improving performance
     Economy - Seeking ways to conserve or more effectively use supplies, materials and
     labor hours
     Safety - Maintaining a safe environment and observing good safety practices and health 
     Responsibility – Being fully accountable for our own actions and resolving the issues of
     others on behalf of the organization

We believe in Responsiveness. We listen to our patients and customers to understand and meet their needs.
     Listening - Practicing effective communication by using good listening skills and asking
     questions for understanding
     Initiative - Anticipating and identifying needs of others and responding in a respectful,
     accommodating manner
     Adaptability - Altering activities or plans to accommodate new or changed situations

We believe in Integrity. We demonstrate honest, positive, ethical behavior in dealing with patients, customers and employees.
     Dignity and Respect - Maintaining each individual’s rights of privacy, confidentiality and
     Cooperation - Working effectively with others to achieve common goals
     Pride - Showing pride in St. Anthony’s accomplishments and taking ownership for the
     physical environment

We believe in High Standards of Performance. We encourage innovation, extra effort, and high personal and professional standards.
     Professionalism - Having appropriate dress and professional demeanor
     Creativity - Finding new and better ways of doing things
     Self Development - Participating in opportunities that enhance personal and professional
     Teamwork – Valuing the individual gifts and contributions of each employee by building
      trust, managing conflict and respectfully communicating with one another

St. Anthony Regional Hospital & Nursing Home
311 S. Clark
Carroll, IA 51401