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Prenatal and Childbirth Education

Education is a valuable part of the birthing process. Labor preparation, baby care, infant safety, breastfeeding and refresher courses are held on a regular schedule at St. Anthony. Your partner is encouraged to attend and play an active role in preparing for childbirth. You may need to enroll early to ensure completion of the class before your baby arrives. Information is included in your pre-admission packet. For more information about registering for classes, call 794-5260, or to enroll, call 794-5243.

Prepared Childbirth
Expectant parents gain knowledge of the birthing process and the use of Lamaze breathing and relaxation techniques. Four part series offered bi-monthly.  Fee $30.00

Lamaze Refresher
Participants review the labor/birth process and Lamaze breathing/relaxation techniques.  Fee $20.00

Our New Baby
Helps prepare younger members of expectant families for the arrival of the new baby. Children are acquainted with holding and diapering the new baby and are given the opportunity to express their feelings about the baby. Offered the third Friday of every month.  No fee

Lifesaver Baby Class
Provides parents, grandparents and other child care givers an opportunity to learn more about child safety, accident prevention and how to handle an emergency. CPR skills for children under one year of age are introduced. Offered quarterly.  No Fee

Infant Care for Adoptive Parents
A component of the Catholic Charities program for the adoptive parent candidates. The class addresses characteristics of the newborn, nutrition, infant care and soothing.  No Fee

Provides factual information to help expectant parents make informed choices regarding nutrition for their newborn, and to promote a successful breastfeeding experience.

Support Programs:

Breastfeeding Support
Certified Breastfeeding Educators provide individual consultation upon request. Available 24 hours a day.

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